2016 Events

UK Canyon Festival 2016

13-15th May


AM – Meet, Greet, Registration. Sign up for canyoning timeslots and workshops. T-shirts  

PM – Canyoning, Workshops, Meat & Veg Chili, Beers, Talks, Slideshows, Beers.


Teams go Canyoning! Workshops AM/PM

Raffle, BBQ, Disco


Teams go Canyoning!

Clean up, Depart.


Workshops Available

Swift Water


Natural Anchors

Guided Rappels

Load Testing

Rescue Techniques

Rope progression

and more….

Festival Admission £65pp

Hire a Guide – £100 up to 6 people

Hire Equipment – £20 per day

Topo Maps Available

To book please use the registration form below;

UKCG Canyoning Festival 2016 registration form

For more information:

Canyon Festival Program 2016

Hosted by:  Vertical Descents &  The Canyoning Company