Static Blocks


Knot Block

Be aware that this adds more solid bulk that you will pull down the abseil

Knot block (static)


Knot block with safety Carabiner

This assures that if people rig on the wrong rope i.e. the pull rope won’t fall.

Biner Block

A useful block to use when tying a guided Abseil when vector forces will be added to the block. This is easy to untie.

Carabiner Block (clove hitch must be located on spine of carabiner block)

Biner on Biner ??



Contingencey Blocks


Figure 8 releasable Block

This allows you to change the wear point of the rope by slipping it. In the event of an emergency it allows you to lower the abseiler.

Figure 8 BlockFigure 8 releasable block - tied off (with safety quick draw)