Competent Canyoneering


Course Aim:  ‘The Canyoneer is competent to be part of a lead team. They are able to progress safely in the canyon environment using rope systems set up by the Lead Canyoneer and competently jump and slide where directed.’

Duration: 1 Day

Course syllabus:

Equipment – Understanding personal equipment, fitting a harness and helmet, and understanding the importance of wet suit choice. Packing a rope in a bag.
Jumping – Performing a jump up to 5 meters. Understanding the risk in jumping and checking the depth.
Progression – Sliding, moving in the canyon environment, swimming in water flow, down climbing, spotting
Abseiling – Abseil a pitch, setting the rope in abseil device, locking off. clipping from a safety line to a belay correctly
Hand lines – Moving on a hand line safely. Connecting to an abseil line from a hand line
Hydrolgy Awareness – discussed throughout the trip on on the walk in.
Signals – OK, Stop, Obstacle, Jump here.

This course is a great bigginer course and allows you to show compency in canyoning to other canyoning companies allowing them to take you on more Tecnical trips.

On completion of the course you will receive a component Canyoneer card to show at canyon centers.

Cost £85per person.

The Competant Canyoneer course can currently be done at UKCG Affilated centers.

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