Canyoning is rapidly growing all over the world, and is now an international sport with associations in many different countries.

Most of these countries have their own assessment and accreditation scheme for Canyon guides, and now the UKCG is developing a scheme for the whole of the UK.

Taking the American Canyoneering Association syllabus and adapting it for UK conditions, we have developed a system of skills training and guide assessments to suit both recreational canyoners and professional guides.

The American Canyoneering Association has been at the forefront of canyoning competency for the last 10 years and its founder Rich Carlson has done everything he can to drive this forward organising many international meets of best practice, developing techniques and running courses.

Working with Rich over for the first few years as a mentor and co instructor we are using his knowledge to develop and move forward. He will be visiting the UK on regular occasions to run courses and help develop our system.

This gives our system great credibility, and makes it a highly professional product that we hope will be adopted by the whole of the UK outdoor industry.

Course Dates

Skills Courses

Guide Assessments