Gorge Ghyll Leader Award (GGL)

Aims of Award

To promote best practice for Gorge and Ghyll leadership within the UK. Successful performance during assessment indicates that the candidate has the skill level required to lead groups in appropriate locations within the Gorge/Ghyll leader grading system.

The Gorge & Ghyll Leader Award will provide a training & assessment scheme for individuals who wish to take

Gorge Ghyll Leader,Image How Stean

Gorge Ghyll Leader, Governing Body Award

responsibility for others in the Gorge/Ghyll environment.

This will benefit Instructors, freelance instructors, mangers and employers who wish to ensure a high standard of safety and expertise in this open environment.

The award will also serve as a valuable training opportunity for those who wish to visit venues for recreation.

Confines & remit of the award

The remit a Gorge Ghyll Leader may operate in is a maximum grade of 2B.

Terrain/Technical Rope Work

2 – Basic Canyoning / Gorge Walking / Gill Scrambling

Scrambling, easy vertical or near vertical climbing and/or down-climbing requiring frequent use of hands. Rope recommended for hand lines, belays, lowering packs and possible emergency use. Travel is possible up or down canyon. See route description for more information.

Water Volume & Current

B – Normally has water with moderate current. Water hazards – small hydraulics which require caution.

Downloads & Pre Course Learning Documents

Candidates must be proficient with the following GGL Handbook & pre-learning documents prior to attending a training course.

GGL Handbook Edition 1

Audio Communication Pre-Course Learning GGL

Knots & Hitch’s Pre-Course Learning GGL

Visual Communication Pre-Course Learning GGL

Weather Pre-Course Learning GGL

What to wear Pre-Course Learning GGL


UKCG Recognition

UK Canyon Guides has had a large growth in participation over the last 12 months and have seen a rapid increase in attendance to the Canyon Guide Courses.

UKCG have now ran courses throughout the UK, Germany, Kenya and Spain.

We now have providers traveling from countries such as Hong Kong & Taiwan traveling to our affiliated centres here in the UK, to become qualified canyon guides. This shows that the quality of our training is being accepted internationally as well as at home here in the UK.

Adventurous Activities Licensing Service (AALS) In April 2017 our Northern Rep attended a consultancy meeting with the Health & Safety Executive Licensing Service (AALS) and has made positive steps forward to becoming an approved course for the Gorge Ghyll Leader environment. The scheme has been praised for the very clear guidance of the pre requisites, training and assessment scheme in place.

We will be inviting inspectors from the Licensing Service to our future training & assessment courses to gain official recognition & approval.