This page contains  the knots required for all canyoning courses. Don’t worry if you see something you don’t recognise.  You will be introduced to it on your next course.  For help with tieing these knots check out;

 Overhand on the bight


 Overhand on a bight. Uses; knot blocks, loop to clip into


Figure of 8 on a bight


Figure of 8 on a bight. Uses; a loop to clip into


Re- Threaded figure of 8


 Figure of 8 rethreaded. Uses; tieing into a harness/anchor


  Clove hitch

 Clove hitch. Uses; tieing into a carabiner



Italian/munter hitch


 Italian/munter hitch. Uses; belaying, Lowering, abseiling, contingency rigging


No knot

  No knot. Uses; Swift water tie off. Very strong and releasable   


 Directional Figure of 8

  Directional figure of 8. Uses Allows rope to be loaded in both dirictions and the loop to be loaded.   


Stone knot


Stone/Stein knot. Uses; Isolates both strands of rope, easy to untie