Welcome to UK Canyon Guides

UK Canyon Guides has been set up to provide recreational canyoneers and canyon guides with all the current best practices available.

Canyoning, Gorge walking or gill scrambling in the UK has enjoyed a tremendous surge in popularity over the past few years. Most commercial outdoor companies now offer some kind of canyoning, gorge walking or gill scrambling with thousands of clients and individuals taking part in this great sport.

We Aim to :-

  • Provide comprehensive training and assessment courses giving the industry a structured and usable training programme.
  • Provide rigging solutions for canyons.
  • Bring together the UK canyoneering community.
  • Provide technical advise for outdoor companies.
  • Organise workshops and rendezvous.
  • Create an online canyon, gorge walking guide.

We hope you find this site useful and look forward to seeing you on one of our courses or at one of our meets.